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Alexey Dimitrov Stoev, Ph.D


Date and place of birthDecember 15, 1952, Pazardzhik


  • 2002PhD, Sofia University – Doctor of the scientific speciality "Methods of education in physics"
    Diploma N 28087, 02 September 2002
    Dissertation: Cognitive independence development by active observations in the process of teaching in People’s astronomical observatories
  • 1980M. Sc. in physics, Plovdiv University “P. Hilendarsky”
    Diploma No6174, 22.01.1980
  • 1972 - 1979Plovdiv University “Paisiy Hilendarsky”,
    Qualification: M.Sc. physics and teacher in physics and mathematics

Publications147 (68 on arhaeoastronomy)

  • 1985Director of the Public Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium (PAOP) “Yuri Gagarin”, Stara Zagora
  • 1979 - 1984.physicist in PAOP, Stara Zagora.

    Professional affiliations
  • 1999co-founder and member of the Union of the Astronomers in Bulgaria.
  • 1997member of the Commission of physics-chemistry of the Karst at the International Speleological Union based in Paris.
  • 1993co-founder of the SEAC (European organization of astronomy in culture).
  • 1992President of the Committee of Directors of the Public Astronomical Observatories and Planetariums in Bulgaria.
  • 1988member of Committee No. 41 (History of astronomy) and No. 46 (Education in astronomy) of the International Astronomy Union based in Paris.
  • 2001member of the ICHA (Inter-union Commission for History of Astronomy, IAU – International Astronomical Union and Division of History of Science of the International Union for History and Philosophy of Science,
  • 1980member of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria.

  • 1991Executive member of the Bulgarian Tourist Union (BTU).
  • 1999 - 2002Vice President of the BTU.
  • 1993President of Tourist union “Surnena Gora”, Stara Zagora.
  • 1991Executive member of the Bulgarian Federation for Speleology.
  • 1985co-founder and President of the Speleo-club at the Tourist union “Surnena Gora”, Stara Zagora.
  • 1980co-founder and leader of the Group for Archaeo-astronomical research and expeditions (GAREKS), Stara Zagora.

Participation in national and international eventsOrganizer and participant of scientific research expeditions in Speleology in Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Cuba, Russia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, etc.

Organizer and participant of scientific research expeditions in astronomy and archaeo-astronomy in Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Ukraine, etc.

Organizer and participant in national and international science symposiums and conferences in astronomy, archaeo-astronomy, physics of the karst and speleology.

Professional InterestsPhyscal of solar corona, physcal of solar activity, physcal of terrestrial earth atmospheres, archaeoastronomy and speleology.

Address Dr. Alexey Stoev,
47 Gurko Street, ap. 6,
6000 Stara Zagora,

Phone Number +359 42 5 34 13