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Penka Vlaykova Muglova - Stoeva, PhD

 Penka Muglova - Stoeva

Research associate Central Solar-Terrestrial Influences Laboratory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences �acad. Dimitar Mishev�, Stara Zagora Department, Bulgaria

Date of birth15 March 1954, Stara Zagora , Bulgaria


Details of Education PhD � Doctor of the scientific speciality 01.04.08: Physics of the ocean, atmosphere and the around-Earth environment,
Diploma N 27090, 26 March 2001
1992 � 1994 Plovdiv University �Paisiy Hilendarsky�,
Institute for Retraining Teachers �Anastasiya Tosheva�, Stara Zagora,
Diploma of re-qualification N 1339, Reg.N 2322, 21.09.1994,
Qualification: teacher in English in primary and secondary school
1972-1976 Plovdiv University �Paisiy Hilendarsky�,
Diploma N002412, Reg.N 4259, 10.11.1976
Qualification: M.Sc. physics and teacher in physics and mathematics

DissertationSpectrometry of the dust continuum and ultravoiolet OH emission of the Halley comet


    Career to date (details of appointment held)
  • April 1996 to present timeresearch associate � Central Solar -Terrestrial Influences Laboratory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Stara Zagora Department, Bulgaria
  • 1987 � 1996research associate, Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, International Situation Centre, Stara Zagora
  • 1983 � 1987physicist, Central Space Research Laboratory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, International Situation Centre, Stara Zagora
  • 1976 � 1983teacher of physics in a secondary school

Res. Assoc. Dr. Penka Muglova (Stoeva)Participated in data processing and interpretation in the project Bulgaria-1300 satellite, in the international VEGA Project for exploration of the Halley comet and in the Interball project aimed at the Earth�s magnetosphere investigations; in contracts with Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, National Scientific fund, International Astronomical Union (IAU) Symposium Proposal - Observing the 2006 Solar Eclipse and 2004 Venus Transit, and in preparation of project on Sixth Framework Programme of the European Comission - FP6-2004-ACC-SSA-2 Centre for European Dimensions of Bulgarian Space Research and Technologies (SPACE-B). She is a member of team developed a Method and device for standard surface with an one and the same brightness, Author�s Certificate No.44163/01.07.1987, Certificate of invention No.80384/29.01.1990. She participated in organizing and conducting of: total solar eclipse observational expeditions - 1990 and 1999, Fourth Oxford Conference on Archaeoastronomy � 1993, International Workshop Cave Climate and Paleoclimate � The Best Record of the Global Change, 2002, and Eight National conference of Speleology � Speleo2002. She was an editor in two Proceedings from conferences and has 109 (32 on archaeoastronomy) articles published in Journals and Proceedings from conferences.

Honours and awardsDiploma of the Stara Zagora Municipality in connection with the 40th anniversary from the first man flight in the space of Yuriy Gagarin, in honour of an outstanding contribution in the fields of space research, March 2001

MembershipsCOSPARCommittee on Space Research, SEACEuropean Society for Astronomy in Culture and ICHAInter-union Commission for History of Astronomy, IAUInternational Astronomical Union and Division of History of Science of the International Union for History and Philosophy of Science), The Union of Bulgarian Scientists, Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria.

Professional Interestsspectrometry, cometary and earth atmospheres, solar corona, and archaeoastronomy and speleology.

Address Dr. Penka Stoeva,
47 Gurko Street, ap. 6,
6000 Stara Zagora,

Phone Number +359 42 5 34 13