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Valeria Fol

 Valeria Fol

Education and degreesA graduate of the Faculty of History, University of Sofia (1976).
Ph.D. (1986) Institute of Fine Arts, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Assoc. Prof. (1994) Institute of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and New Bulgarian University � Sofia.

Field of researchAncient History and Art of Southeastern European Culture (Greece and Thrace), Historical Ethnology.

Positions held Assoc. Prof. on Ancient History and Culture at the Institute of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
Assoc. Prof. on Ancient History and Culture and Historical Ethnology - New Bulgarian University.
Scientific leader of the Bulgarian-Turkish Summer University "Strandja Mountain and its role in the transfer of civilizations East � West".
Project Director of "The rock-cut sacred places of the Thracians and other Palaeo-Balkan and Ancient Anatolian Peoples".

Monographs The Rock, the Horse and the Fire. Early Thracian ritualism. Arges. Sofia. 1994 (in Bulgarian);
The Forgotten Saint. Sofia University Press. Sofia, 1996 (in Bulgarian, Summary in French);
The Kouker without Mask. (with St. Rajchevski). Sofia University Press. Sofia 1993 (in Bulgarian, Summary in English);
First part of Fire and music. (with R. Neikova). Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences �M. Drinov� & Tilia. Sofia. 2000 (in Bulgaria, Summary in English);
Megaliths and Rock-cut monuments in Ancient Thrace. 2000. Sofia University Press (in Bulgarian);
La Thrace Antique: le silence parle. Comite National Europalia Bulgarie 2002. Sofia;
First part of Bulgaria. Hisroty retold in brief. Riva. Sofia. 2003;
First, third, ninth and tenth part of Ancient Thrace. IF Europa Antiqua and Institute of Thracology � Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 2000. Sofia.

Other publications More than 120 articles, studies and presentations at international conferences, congresses and seminars in Bulgarian, English, German and French.
Script writer (4) and consultant (2) of documentaries, script writer of one theatre performance; a head or a participant of realized international scientific projects concerning History, Culture and Art of Ancient Thrace.

CV already published Who's Who in Bulgaria � issue 1998.