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Project Details
"Europa Antiqua" International Foundation

Europa Antiqua International Foundation is a non-profit non-political organization created by scholars in Ancient history, archaeology and culture of different European countries. The major project which the Foundation had completed include the organization of the 8th International Congress of Thracology “Thrace and the Aegean”, Sofia – Yambol, 25.-29. September 2000 and the publication of the Proceedings of the Congress. An ongoing major project is the regular publication of “Orpheus. Journal of Indo-European and Thracian Studies” – a review of the International Council of Indo-European and Thracian Studies. The Council has its head office in the Institute of Thracology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The Foundation had established a Student Association for university students and organizes lectures led by foreign and Bulgarian scholars to educate the young people about the latest achievements in the fields of Ancient history, archaeology and culture. The students are supported financially to participate in field expeditions and in the Summer School organized by the Institute of Thracology. The Foundation encourages the students to participate in the organization of scientific forums and summer schools.